Click-A-Geek Services

Click-A-Geek provides 3 unique service types to meet your technology and education needs.

Click-A-Geek Service

Click-A-Geek Service is our global remote support solution.

Our innovative screen-sharing technology enables us to quickly and securely solve your computer problems or challenges while you watch and learn, wherever you may be. Click-A-Geek online technical support is Fast, Easy and Secure.

Click-A-Geek has customers all over the world who rely on our remote Click-A-Geek support. With secure and easy to use advanced screen sharing technology, we can trouble-shoot or walk you through computer challenges just like we are sitting right there with you. Even when you are overseas! Some of our customers really love us for this service.

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On-Site Service

On-Site Geek Service is our on-your-site support. This is when we come to you!
Call 1-888-542-GEEK. We will dispatch our Geek Mobile to your home or office and get you up and running fast. Just sit tight and we’ll be there.

Our On-Site Geeks service the Greater Vernon and Coldstream area. If you are located outside of these areas, call our hotline and we will discuss how we can include you in our Click-A-Geek on-your-site service. We are known for “making it happen!”

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Visit-A-Geek Service

Visit-A-Geek Service is our in-shop support.

This is our popular service for busy people on the go! Our customers just love stopping by our beautiful offices to drop off their finicky computers. That’s fine by us…we’d love to see you. Drop off your equipment in the morning and, for most non-hardware issues, we’ll try to have it ready for pick up by day’s end. This is an economical and fast service with an added benefit: you get to see our smiling faces!

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